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Parade of Hearts by J. Carol Nemeth

New to Old Colorado City, Hannah Overman is excited about the success of her bakery. However, Hannah’s elation is soon overshadowed by the fact that her position on the Christmas parade committee isn’t going as well she had hoped. The mayor has taken a dislike to her and doubts she can do her job. The committee voted unanimously in favor of her idea to invite recently returned troops from Afghanistan to march in the Christmas parade. Hannah soon finds one particular Army captain is more than willing to lend a hand. However, when things turn sinister in the old town, Hannah and Capt. Caleb Ryan are


The Christmas Gift by Marilyn Turk
1910 - Amateur photographer Lettie Morgan accompanies her aunt to Springlake, Florida for the annual Springlake Assembly. Jonathon Townsend, wealthy heir to the family fortune and first-time chairman of the event, wants the event to run smoothly.
But when the train bringing guests to the Assembly is robbed, Jonathon, who is part-owner of the railroad, must find the robber and appease the attendees. Can the young photographer who’s captured his attention provide clues to the robbery?
As Christmas approaches and the Assembly comes to a close, will Jonathon find a way to entice Lettie to stay?

The Christmas Surprise by Lenora Worth
When Lynsey Milton comes to Springlake, Florida, to revitalize the town’s historic main street, Jon Townsend, the heir apparent, resists helping her. He’d rather return to the quiet life of a country lawyer. Lynsey needs to seal this deal since a promotion is in her future. But Jon wants to stay in his Victorian mansion, keeping his grief to himself. He won’t fall for a woman who’ll soon leave.
When they make a discovery in the gazebo by the lake, Lynsey gets Jon into the Christmas spirit. Can an old gazebo and a beautiful vintage ball gown bring them together?


Dreaming of a Wedded Christmas by Diane E. Tatum

Jaymie Wycroft is CFO at her grandfather’s company, Wycroft Booksellers. She is surprised by her on again/off again boyfriend Dave Garrett with a proposal at her grandfather’s birthday dinner just before Thanksgiving. Grandpa is spearheading this rush to the altar because he has a secret and wants to see her settled. Jaymie reluctantly agrees to the proposal because she wants to obey her grandfather, and she’s always wanted a Christmas wedding.

When Jaymie meets Kyle Mason, sparks literally fly. He is their Realtor and also the grandson of Grandpa’s best friend Johnny Mason. Kyle’s mission is to find Jaymie and Dave a house but soon tries to keep Jaymie from marrying Dave because Kyle loves her.

Will Grandpa live long enough to see Jaymie wed on Christmas Eve?

What’s the secret Grandpa and Dave are keeping from Jaymie?

Will Kyle convince Jaymie that Dave is not the right bridegroom for her?


Holiday Hitches at Mustang Pass by Cindy M. Amos

Quick-thinking deputy Nate Rayburn saves the probate judge’s pretty daughter when their arrival to Montana Territory in autumn 1886 goes awry. Smitten with her rescuer, Imperia Bell takes every opportunity to thank the handsome public servant for his heroism, though her father doubts his qualifications for holding the office of sheriff come Election Day. Imperia infuses the hardscrabble mining town with her fanciful snippets and confections, while Nate puts odd jobs aside to assist friends Chance, Argus and Rene in building the much-anticipated church. With three weddings planned for the Christmas Eve service, can Nate deliver the peril-prone grooms in time for their nuptials? What are the holidays without a few hitches along the way?

When timeliness is next to godliness, anything can happen…

but even the best-laid plans of good men can go up in smoke.


A Kiss Under the Mistletoe by June Foster

The men in Noel Kendrick's life have always lied to her. When she accepts her pastor's plea to head the Christmas nativity scene project, she doesn't realize the job requires her to work with Carson Shumate, the handsome youth pastor with midnight blue eyes. Despite her efforts to keep her emotional distance, she falls hard after a kiss under the mistletoe.

But Carson has a secret of his own. If he reveals the truth about his identical twin to his church, he fears they will fire him, and he could lose Noel.

A Kiss Under the Mistletoe is the sequel to An Unexpected Family.


The Christmas Coupe by Christy LaShea

Susannah Sheridan isn’t like most women. The twenty-one-year-old would rather tinker with an engine than shop for frilly dresses. The only thing she’s looking forward to this Christmas is seeing her brother win the short track race on Christmas day. But when her brother is injured, his opportunity to drive is snatched away.

Smooth-talking race promoter, Terry Boone, encourages Susannah to follow her dreams, despite her family’s arguments, and drive in the Christmas race.

Detective Nick Mackenzie is determined to stop the criminal actions of the shady race promoter before Boone slips out of town with race winnings. But when Susannah decides to race, it places her in the middle of Nick’s dangerous plan to bring Boone to justice. Nick cares deeply for Susannah, but he’s never let her know. The more they work together in preparing for the Christmas race, keeping Susannah safe becomes top priority. Nick initiates a plan that involves a fake engagement, and keeps his plans of arresting Boone a secret.
But when Susannah learns Nick hasn’t been honest with her, will Nick lose his chance to catch the crook and convince Susannah to become his wife?


New Messages, Old Memories by Judy Goodman Howard

KELLY STEVENS teaches fourth-grade in Kerrytown, Missouri, where she hopes to establish a new beginning and bury the memories of a day that changed her life forever. She was thrilled to have her students chosen to kick off the local tree lighting ceremony with a song directed by her, but her joy is short lived when strange texts and Facebook messages threaten the safety of her and her beloved charges.

BLAKE WARNER, master mechanic and experienced private investigator, meets Kelly under less than desirable circumstances and becomes intrigued with the situation—and the pretty teacher. Kelly’s troubled behavior concerns Blake and, following an attempted sabotage at Kerrytown Elementary, he fears for her life.

As the list of suspects mounts, the intensity of the situation increases, and Blake and Kelly find themselves in a race against time. With the help of Kerrytown’s chief of police and a kid named Leon, they work to identify the perpetrator and bring him or her to justice before things get out of hand and someone doesn’t survive Christmas.


Christmas Inspiration by Mary L. Ball

Inspiration and ideas for spreading cheer to yourself and others.

Christmas Inspiration touches on the history of the holiday and the Christmas tree. It highlights a few meanings to the decorations we commonly use.

Find simple, beautiful DIYcrafts, delicious old-time holiday recipes or get encouraged by poetry and songs.


A Gift of Love by Martha Rogers

Cherie Kenton came home to Edenville to become business manager of her aunt’s floral shop. Although the town held bad memories for her, the object of that memory didn’t live there anymore.

Then, Troy McNeil moved home to partner with his father in his law firm, and his office sat directly across the street from the floral shop. Ten years of the memory of how he humiliated her at their prom has built a wall around Cherie’s heart.

It’s a wall Troy is determined to tear down and win back the trust and love of the only girl he has ever truly loved.

Will his one selfish mistake as a teenager ruin their chances of ever finding happiness, or will this be the Christmas for the gift of love to reunite their hearts?


More Than Tinsel by Colleen L. Reece

Seventeen-year-old Lissa Talbot watches the man she loves mount his magnificent black stallion and prepare to ride out of her life. A cry of protest bursts forth. It shocks bystanders and enrages Lissa’s father, the rancher who accused Matthew Coulter of rustling. “I believe in you, Matt. Go with God. Prove your innocence. Then come home . . .” The words to me are drowned out by King’s hoofbeats.

Seven years later, Matt returns wearing a silver star. Fear of her father’s reaction dims Lissa’s joy. It will take more than tinsel to heal long-held wounds.

God can soften hardened hearts and straighten tangled trails. But first, He must rescue four persons whose lives are endangered by a blizzard.


Many of the author’s 165+ published books (six million copies sold) are rooted in her love for the Old West


Christmas in Galway by Elizabeth Ludwig

It’s been two years since a drunk driving accident claimed the life of Elinor Walsh’s fiancé. Though she’s forged on to create a thriving design business for herself, the past still haunts her. Prompted by her friends, she finally capitulates and schedules a flight to Ireland—a trip that should have been her honeymoon. Armed with just a list her fiancé wrote and the keys to a rental car, Elinor heads to Galway, never dreaming that the people she meets there will change her life forever. Confronted with a choice—her past with an old friend or her future with a new one—will she finally be able to move beyond her grief? Or will she cut her losses, and her trip short, and miss out on the one thing she never expected?


The Promise Keeper by Sherri Stewart

Meadow meets Jonathan by chance when they end up with the same seat ticket to a concert in London. Chance or something more? Thus begins a whirlwind fairytale in London and in Wales. But all good things must end when Meadow returns to Atlanta and Jonathan heads back to law school in New York. They promise to keep in touch. Jonathan believes that providence has brought them together. Meadow’s not so sure, but they promise to meet at Christmas on the rooftop of Cardiff Castle in Wales in two years if they’re not already spoken for. Will Jonathan keep his promise? If you enjoyed Serendipity and Sleepless in Seattle, The Promise Keeper is the book for you.


One Lilac Christmas by Pamela Ferguson

December 1943

When Zachary Flynn suggested that he and Amity Belmont enlist together, he never dreamed the recruiters would reject him because of his flat feet. Now, Amity’s off fighting the war, and he could kick himself for letting his bruised ego get in the way of telling her his true feelings. If he had, maybe Lilac’s well-meaning matchmakers wouldn’t be trying to hustle him under the mistletoe with someone other than Amity.

Sergeant Amity Belmont never should have confided her fears to anyone in her Women’s Army Corps unit. When her commanding officer gets wind of Amity’s concerns, she recommends Amity set things right at home before taking on her new assignment. Of all the people she’s disappointed, Amity is worried most about Zach. She cannot ask him to forgive something she doesn’t regret. Will her surprise visit to Lilac bring the Christmas miracle they both need?


Christmas on the High Seas by Diane Yates

Halley is going on a Christmas cruise with Candace, but when she boards the ship and opens her door, all hopes of a merry cruise evaporate. Candace has sold her ticket to Devon, the mean-spirited bully who took pleasure in tormenting Halley in high school. Now she must share the same room, attend the same excursions, and eat at the same table with the one man she never wanted to see again.

This Christmas, join the cruise where enmity meets forgiveness and hatred falls for love.


Her Christmas Dream by Jo Huddleston

A Christmas romance sprinkled with suspense!

In this sweet romance, all Marilyn dreams of for Christmas is a relationship with someone who cares for her. Someone who really knows her. A stranger volunteers at the rescue shelter where Marilyn and her best friend George volunteer. George has concerns about Marilyn’s safety if she dates the stranger. When George becomes overprotective of her, will Marilyn choose the bad-boy-stranger or her best friend to spend Christmas with this year?

Order this 20th-century story today to find out which man Marilyn chooses.


Garnet's Gift by Kimberly Grist

Twenty-two-year-old Garnet Adams longs to marry and have a houseful of children. Forced to support her widowed mother, she embraces her role as a teacher, although the Carrie Town board of education's rules for female teachers leave no opportunity for a social life. She contents herself playing the violin at church.

Tall, bearded, and rough around the edges, Deputy Noah Scott would rather hunt than socialize. Garnet thinks he’s a rude, insensitive drifter, and Noah's sure the last person he'd want to court is a schoolmarm--especially with her unladylike sneeze. As the needs of her students bring them together, opposites seem to attract until a certain Christmas present derails their future.


Merry Christmas Mix-Up by Bonita Y. McCoy

The U.S. post office has mixed up her mail, yet again. So, this time Beth King takes matters into her own hands and delivers the package, herself, only to be mistaken for the new nanny. As she spends the day with the little girl, she discovers they have something in common. They’ve both lost their parents.

Beth knows better than to get involved. She’s got a book to write. She’s got deadlines. But when the handsome uncle asks her to help over the Christmas holidays, the word “no” doesn’t seem to be in her vocabulary.

Ben Bennett is struggling to find his footing as a new parent to his four-year-old niece. When he mistakes the beautiful woman at his front door for the nanny, he is surprised to find she has a knack with Zoey. With the preschool closed for renovations, he’s desperate, and this postal mix-up might be the perfect answer to his dilemma. But when Beth proposes that they give Zoey an over-the-top Christmas, Ben has second thoughts. He’s not sure Zoey’s ready, and if he were honest, he’s not sure he’s ready either.

This charming Christmas romance will keep you turning pages until the very last mistletoe kiss.


Christmas Hope by Stephanie Guerrero

Four Christmas novellas:






Cookies, Cocoa, and Capers by Laurie Boulden

Small town St. Ives, Minnesota has space for one bakery, and baker Millie Cooke wants to be sure Baxter Dane knows cookies and cocoa at the bookstore is not happening. A harmless prank should do the trick, but he gives as good as he gets. Can they overcome their differences to save the bakery? Christmas is in the air, perfect time for some miracles.


Reindeer Paws by Joi Copeland

A misunderstanding drew them apart. Can forgiveness draw them together?

Holly Murphy’s life is going just fine until the day she lays eyes on Jayce Barton. A blast from her past she did not expect to see back in their hometown of Pine Tree, Colorado. Once she does, she cannot seem to get him out of her mind, let alone her life.

Jayce Barton returns to the only place he’s ever called home. While he longs to return, his heart cannot forget the only woman he’s ever loved or the hurt she caused him that led him to leave Pine Tree.

When their paths cross in the small town, they are forced to come to grips with the past and the pain. Will forgiveness and love prevail?


Christmas Lights and Love by Joi Copeland

Will the Christmas Lights Festival bring them together or tear them apart?

Denmark Carrigan moved to Snow Globe, Montana, to start over with her two sons. Every year, she participates in the Christmas Lights Festival in hopes of finally winning. But her nemesis, Quinn Burkett, wins again and again. Hardening her heart to his charm and handsome face is easy, until he connects with her kids.

Quinn Burkett longs to get to know the saucy woman who moved to Snow Globe three years ago. Yet she knocks him down at every turn. When he spies her with a man new to town, he wonders how the man cracked her hard shell. Will he be able to win her over, or will he have to let her go?


Caper Steals Christmas by Cynthia Hickey

Missing diamonds…again

A snooty cat with a penchant for trouble…

The last thing she wanted was another mystery to solve.


It’s Christmas, CJ Turley’s favorite holiday only something hovers over the festivities. A cat’s collar disappears and it seems as if Caper, CJ’s darling pup, might be the culprit. It’s easier to believe than suspecting the owners of the cat from stealing from themselves.

Hilarity and mayhem follow CJ and her friends as they try to solve the theft. All CJ really wants is to have a nice holiday with a Christmas party no one will forget.

Full of twists, turns, and laughs, this Christmas novella is sure to please cozy mystery fans.

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