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Hello. I'm Author J. Carol Nemeth. Welcome to my website. Pour a cup of your favorite beverage and make yourself at home. Sit a while and browse if you like. Visit my books page or check out the first chapters of some of my books. Here's my bio. I  hope you enjoy your visit and will come again.


A native North Carolinian, I don't remember a time when I didn't love reading. My maternal Grandmother was an elementary school teacher and used to give all her grandchildren the Scholastic children's books for birthdays and Christmas. We grew up reading book after book. Then as I became a preteen my mother introduced me to Grace Livingston Hill and I was hooked. One summer I was known to read one GLH book a day. I decided if Grace could write, so could I. In junior high school, I began writing stories, most set in the places I lived or traveled to. After college I worked in the National Park Service as a Park Aid then served in the US Army where I was stationed in Italy, traveling to over

thirteen countries while I was stationed there. In Italy I met the love of my life and best friend, Mark Nemeth, who is also an Army veteran. After we married, we lived in various locations, including North Yorkshire, England where our daughter was born.

This is where I was inspired to write Yorkshire Lass. It took a while, but once I finished it, I began my journey of publication. When I say journey, that's exactly what it was. It took nearly twenty-six years. Then Winged Publications picked up Yorkshire Lass for publication. The rest, as they say, is history. The journey was a challenge, but God's grace saw me through. I give Him all the glory, the honor and the praise.


Mark and I have lived in West Virginia for over 24 years, where, in our spare time we enjoy RV camping and sightseeing along with researching for my books. We are active in our church and we enjoy our two grown children, our son Matt, who serves US Army active duty, his wife, Holly, our daughter Jennifer, son-in-law Flint who serves in the Air Force active duty and three grandchildren, Martin, Ava and Gage.

I'm a multi-published author with thirteen books and seven short stories with more on the way. I'm blessed to be an Amazon #1 bestselling author and an ACFW Carol Award Semi-finalist, an American Bookfest finalist, and a Selah Award finalist. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Faith, Hope & Love Christian Writers, I write romantic suspense, both historical and contemporary. My goal is to write stories that will be entertaining and enjoyable while at the same time uplifting and faith-building. May Christ always be glorified.

Historical Short

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Discovering Elena: My Mother's Secret


A little wooden chest


A tiny baby’s hat, old faded photos and a half of a metal medallion.


Kate Cigler’s grandmother just passed leaving her the family bakery. On the day of the funeral her two great-aunts handed her the little chest and an address in Wyoming. “You must go, Katarina. Discover your mother’s past secrets.” Secrets? Mother had secrets? But Mother had been a simple baker in small town Ohio. Before she had died years ago, why hadn’t she told Kate her secrets? Why was this coming to light now?

What would Kate find in Wyoming to shed light on her mother’s past? Who would she find? What did the clues in the chest mean? Who were the military men with her mother in the faded photos? And why did she look so happy with one and so unhappy with the other? Dread filled her as she stared at the second one. That uniform. Why was Mother standing next to him?


Gabe Flanagan couldn’t believe his eyes when he walked into the living room at Scott ranch. It was the woman from the plane. He didn’t believe in luck, but something was going his way. He hadn’t believed he’d ever see her again. Her face had looked so familiar, but he couldn’t figure out who she reminded him of. Now? Now he knew.

My newest release, Discovering Elena, My Mother's Secret, is now available  at Amazon You don't want to miss this one. It'll keep you turning pages. Right. To. The End. Purchase your eBook or paperback copy by clicking on the button below.


A Beacon of Love, Prequel to Ocean of Fear, Faith in the Parks Book 3


Available at Audible, Amazon Audio and iTunes, A Beacon of Love, Prequel to Ocean of Fear, Faith in the Parks Book 3. This historical romantic suspense novella will take you to beautiful Cape Hatteras with tale that will grab your attention from the beginning and hang on to it straight through to the end.


Word is the new man in town, Mike Kelly, is an author writing the next “Great American Novel.” Librarian Ava Sinclair knows that’s not true. He spends too much time fishing and trekking around Cape Hatteras Island. But when men in a black car show up and follow Ava, not only does handsome Mike Kelly get involved, but Ava’s older brother, Sheriff Martin Sinclair does as well. Who are these men and why are they following her? It’s 1928 during Prohibition and things take a sinister turn when rum-runners from Chicago use the sleepy North Carolina town of Buxton to further their criminal enterprise. Can Mike and Martin protect not only Ava, but Buxton and beyond from their corrupt plan? Ava finds herself falling for the blue-eyed stranger who won’t tell her why he’s here. Can he protect her before she disappears from Cape Hatteras for good?

2024 Selah Award Finalist

The Chemist


Judy Noland, the newest chemist at Atomic City, would prefer to blend in with the furniture and remain as unobtrusive as possible, but her supervisor has other ideas in mind. She’d managed to work solo until he sends her office mate, the handsome Ray Collins, also a chemist, to work on a joint project. With painful memories and a dislike of men, can Judy work with this smiling man with kind eyes? Is he as genuine as he seems? Or will he turn on her like all the rest?

Judy Noland is most beautiful woman Ray Collins has ever seen, but she won’t talk to him. It didn’t matter. If she ever found out the truth about him, she probably wouldn’t want to be around him. His past would likely come back to haunt him. What did matter was ensuring Judy Noland accomplished the chemical formulas she was hired to solve. The general wants them implemented soon. Nor did it matter that Ray’s heart raced every time Judy lifted her gorgeous chocolate gaze to his. Just accomplish the task. Right?


Can Judy Noland trust her fellow chemist, Ray Collins? Or will he turn on her every other man has done?

Still On Sale

Can you run faster.jpg


Can you Run Faster? This is the third in the Run Fast series. Nine captivating stories filled with suspense, faith and a touch of romance. All sure to keep you turning pages until the very. Last. Page.

On sale for $1.99, get yours before this sale goes away. Don't wait.

The first two collections, Run and Run Again are still on sale too.


This is christian romantic suspense at it's best....The action and suspense will keep you turning the pages. I love how J.Carol Nemeth weaves the power of God's protection through this story. I highly recommend this book.

Canyon of Death - Amazon 5 Star Review


This was a great book. The characters were very well developed and the story line had lots of twists and turns....If you like mysteries with a bit of murder and romance then you really need to read Ocean of Fear.

​Ocean of Fear - Amazon 5 Star Review


This is a very well written book. It has action, suspense, romance and faith all woven together that will keep you turning the pages. I highly recommend this book!

Yorkshire Lass - Goodreads 5 Star Review

I have loved every novella from this author! I quickly took a liking to Hannah, as well as Caleb, and their friends and family. The military aspect was wonderful, and the mystery/intrigue was there as well as romance. It was set around Christmastime, which only added to the charm. Looking forward to another book!

Parade of Hearts - Amazon 5 Star Review

This is an outstanding book! It is very well written and is full of action, suspense, drama, and romance. The ending will blow you away!...I highly recommend it.

Mountain of Peril - BookBub 5 Star Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author gets an A+ for the twists and turn in her story. I almost dropped my tablet on a couple of them. Outstanding job....Can't wait to read Book #2.

Mountain of Peril - Amazon 5 Star Review

I loved every story in the Peaceful Valley Wounded Soldiers anthology....I couldn't stop reading until I was finished! The stories were heartwarming and encouraging. Though separate, they were artfully intertwined....I highly recommend this book!

The Peaceful Valley Wounded Warrior Anthology - Amazon 5 Star Review

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