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Yorkshire Lass_edited-1.jpg
Yorkshire Lass

American Jessica Montgomery arrives in WW I England to be greeted with the horrible news that local vagrants and homeless folk are being found murdered. With a killer skulking through the North Yorkshire Dales, she and Grandmother Morag McDonald fear for the safety of the orphans living at Hope Orphanage. With the help of local Dr. Garth Samuels, they do all they can to protect them. Is it a deranged individual who is the harbinger of death or could it be something far more sinister? As they search for answers to end the horror, Jess learns who she can and cannot trust, but it may be too late when she finds her own life in danger.


Dedication to Love, Prequel to Mountain of Peril, Faith in the Parks, Book 1

Sent by her editor-in-chief to cover the story of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s dedication of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Jillian Spencer is caught in the local Tuckaseegee River flood. Fortunate for her, Park Ranger Cameron Murphy is close by and rescues her. Jillian is determined to be a topnotch newspaper reporter in the 1940’s man’s world, and not even a flood will stop her. Cameron is more than willing to help with her newspaper article, but as her dark eyes and determination pierce right to his soul, dare he hope she’ll turn her tender heart toward him?
Mountain of Peril, Faith in the Parks, Book 1
When Molly Walker graduated from college, she was thrilled to be hired on as a ranger at Deep Creek Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. She arrived ready to begin her career and to enjoy all the aspects of her new job, but the one thing she hadn’t counted on was the local poachers and their illegal shenanigans. Molly and fellow ranger Jake Stuart try to put a stop to the escalating poaching problem while protecting the animals. In the meantime, Molly finds that the handsome ranger, who is also a local, is a great partner to have on her side. She also finds that she’s losing her heart to him when she’d planned to stay focused on her career. Can she give her heart and have a career? She and Jake find themselves in a battle against a group of men with a hidden agenda far more sinister than poaching. Can they be stopped before Molly’s life is snuffed out?
Canyon of Death, Faith in the Parks,
Book 2

When Kate Fleming arrives at the Grand Canyon National Park, she’s anxious to begin her new job as park service liaison to an archeological team. However, artifacts begin to disappear and the lead archeologist is found murdered. Kate soon receives a deadly warning as well, so archeologist Ethan Wagner steps in to safeguard her. Although Kate finds herself captivated by her ruggedly handsome protector, she already lost love once and refuses to surrender to those feelings again. After a second murder occurs, park police are determined to locate the killer, but it may be too late when Kate finds herself in the cross-hairs.
A Beacon of Love - Prequel to Ocean of Fear, Faith in the Parks, Book 3

Word is the new man in town, Mike Kelly, is an author writing the next “great American novel.” Librarian Ava Sinclair knows that’s not true. He spends too much time fishing and trekking around Cape Hatteras Island. But when men in a black car show up and follow Ava, not only does handsome Mike Kelly get involved, but Ava’s older brother, Sheriff Martin Sinclair does as well. Who are these men and why are they following her? It’s 1928 during Prohibition and things take a sinister turn when rum-runners from Chicago use the sleepy North Carolina town of Buxton to further their criminal enterprise. Can Mike and Martin protect not only Ava, but Buxton and beyond from their corrupt plan? Ava finds herself falling for the blue-eyed stranger who won’t tell her why he’s here. Can he protect her before she disappears from Cape Hatteras for good?

Ocean of Fear.jpg
Ocean of Fear, Faith in the Parks, Book 3

National Park Service biologist Ruth Campbell discovers a body on the beach near Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Her life shifts out of her comfort zone, but not nearly as much as when the newest park policeman, attractive Gage Hampton, arrives to take her statement. She’s determined to stay as far from him as possible. Scarred by her past, Ruth attempts to avoid young men, but she realizes that avoiding Gage Hampton will be harder than she thought. Another body washes up with the surf, and Gage is intent on discovering who the killer is. When Ruth’s uncle, Owen Lawrence, arrives searching for a long-lost treasure, both Gage and Ruth find themselves pulled into the search, and things become sinister as the killer grows desperate. Can they find the treasure before the killer does? Or will he silence them and sail away with the treasure too?

Glaciar of Secrets.jpg
Glacier of Secrets, Faith in the Parks, Book 4

Photographer Maggie Lawrence is excited about her new assignment at Denali National Park, that is, until her excitement is damped by Ranger Troy Donovan’s refusal to escort her into the wilderness for photos. When an Alaskan senator arrives and Maggie’s assignment changes, Troy is ordered by the powers that be to help Maggie out. When things turn deadly and the senator’s life is at risk, Troy and Maggie find a connection between a thirty-three-year-old Soviet defector’s record and a photo Maggie took on her first day in Alaska. While Troy is investigating deep in the park, Maggie and the good senator are kidnapped. How can Troy rescue them when he must stay on mission? There are foreign operatives in pursuit, and he can’t stop now. This woman who once stirred his refusal of help has stirred other feelings he’s buried deep inside. Now all he can think of is rescuing and protecting Maggie Lawrence.

2023 Carol Award Semi-Finalist
2023 American Bookfest Finalist
Battlefield of Deceit - Semifinalist.jpg
Battlefield of Deceit, Faith in the Parks, Book 5

A diary on loan to the museum.
An old Civil War house on the edge of the battlefield.
Could these two things be connected?

Gettysburg National Military Park historian, Chloe Rogers, begins her research into both: to prepare for a donor event and to discover if it can be restored for public viewing. Chloe and her fellow historian, Clifford Weston, discover a virtual Pandora’s box in the cellar beneath the house revealing more questions than answers.


Park policeman, Blake Hunter, becomes embroiled in the old house mystery but gives Chloe cause for concern when her widowed heart responds to his attentions. She’s simply not ready to move on. Is she?When unwelcome things begin to occur, they realize they have to discover who’s behind them and soon. Will Chloe find the answers in a packet of old letters discovered in the cellar? Then there are the unexplained footsteps….

Death Goes to School

One teacher’s missing.

Another’s found dead.

Jenny Mitchell and her fellow teachers used to enjoy hiking the trails at Deep Creek, but now they’re terrified to go back. Jenny’s best friend since childhood vanished without a trace, and Jenny’s life changed forever. Not even her faith comforts her now.

Ranger Flint Stockman’s niece, Cassie, is in Jenny Mitchell’s first grade class. Not only does Flint find himself in the middle of a murder investigation, but he soon finds himself falling for Cassie’s teacher. That wasn’t in his plans, but neither are the bodies the rangers discover as the

investigation continues. With one teacher missing and one dead, could Jenny be next?


Parade of Hearts


New to Old Colorado City, Hannah Overman is excited about the success of her bakery. However, Hannah’s elation is soon overshadowed by the fact that her position on the Christmas parade committee isn’t going as well she had hoped. The mayor has taken a dislike to her and doubts she can do her job. The committee voted unanimously in favor of her idea to invite recently returned troops from Afghanistan to march in the Christmas parade. Hannah soon finds one particular Army captain is more than willing to lend a hand. However, when things turn sinister in the old town, Hannah and Capt. Caleb

Ryan are caught up in something no one ever expected. Between lemon crumb muffins and threats aimed at Hannah, tension grows as the little western town prepares for the Christmas parade. Can Caleb determine what’s going on and who’s connected to the threats? His Grandpa Ed, the town pharmacist, and the whole Ryan family become involved. Hannah quickly finds herself supported by the town folk who have welcomed her as their own, but is it enough to stop the one person who’s determined to take her out?

2023 American Bookfest Finalist

Courage on the Run

Casey Hartman checks handsome Will Kerns into Belmont Inn, her family home passed down through generations. He claims to be on vacation, but when Casey witnesses a murder, Will flashes his DEA badge and takes her on the run. His real mission is to seize a drug operation in the historical town of Belmont. Casey can’t believe this is happening in her little town, much less that she witnessed a murder. Will is determined to take down the drug ring and the man leading the operation, but can he do that while running with Casey? She wasn’t part of his mission. Will soon realizes this courageous young woman of faith has stolen his heart. However, no amount of love will prevent a determined killer from finding them, no matter where they hide.


Wounded Soldiers.jpg
The Peaceful Valley Wounded Soldiers Anthology

Welcome to Peaceful Valley Rehab Center where wounded soldiers come to rehabilitate. Dr. Alex Hunter, a disabled veteran himself, returns home after years away serving in the military. Turning his family inheritance into a rehabilitation center, he gives these war-weary men and women the help they need to heal. Along the way, not only does Alex find love, but love comes calling for others too. This faith-filled short story series will keep you turning pages to find out what happens next.

On Sale

Run Faster


Can you Run Faster? From corporate America to overseas intrigue, from small towns to Urban sprawl, from farms to raging rivers these romantic suspense tales will keep you on the edge of your seat, breathless, far into the night.

Nine gripping stories full of faith, danger, and a dash of romance.

With the success of volume one and volume two, RUN and RUN AGAIN, the authors banded together for a volume three. Get yours while you can!

The first two collections, Run and Run Again are still available.


The Soldier's Heart.jpg
The Soldier's Heart - Peaceful Valley Wounded Soldier Short Story 1

Alex Hunter was back. The news didn’t make Beth Hayes happy at all. He’d left her high and dry twenty years ago to join the Army, and she’d been too angry to find out why. All she knew was the plans they’d made together for the future were ruined. Now twenty years later he was back with plans for his grandparents’ ranch. What was he doing out there? Why had he come back? Beth soon found that the skinny teenage boy had grown into a strong, handsome man with a new purpose for his life. A purpose that came straight from his heart. Perhaps the Army had been good for Alex. He’d seen hard things as a soldier and come out strong. Those gray eyes now gazed at her with a promise. A promise that included her.

The Soldier's Hope.jpg
The Soldier's Healing.jpg
The Soldier's Hope - Peaceful Valley Wounded Soldier Short Story 2

Sam Reilly’s ice blue eyes were far too un-nerving and held something in their depths Jeannie Mason had never seen before. The cowboy had only been at Peaceful Valley ranch for a few months working with the wounded vets, teaching riding lessons and building their confidence. When Jeannie comes to the ranch to fill in for the owners while they escape on their honeymoon, she soon finds the relationship she’s been in for a while, although steady, is dull as dishwater. Is it possible a relationship can hold more? Can a man make her feel special? Something in Sam’s gaze indicates it might be possible. But who does Jeannie think she is to think she could ever have that? And who is Sam Reilly? Why is he at Peaceful Valley? What brought the handsome cowboy here?

The Soldier's Healing - Peaceful Valley Wounded Soldier Short Story 3

Chef Joy Baker is eager to prepare Christmas for the wounded veterans and their families at Peaceful Valley Rehab Center, and baking cookies and stringing popcorn and cranberries are part of the program. Joy is soon captivated by an adorable little girl who wanders into her kitchen. When troubled veteran, Eli Cooper, the child’s father, attempts to keep Joy at arm’s length, can she help him heal? A homeless man living on the street stirs Joy’s compassion, so she enlists Eli and Kandi’s help, and before long the threesome team up to bring him Christmas cheer that will last far past the New Year.

The Soldier's Help.jpg
The Soldier's Help - Peaceful Valley Wounded Soldier Short Story 4

War-torn and battered, Tess Cochran arrives at Peaceful Valley Rehab Center ready to shut herself away from everyone so she can heal in solitude. Physically, Tess is healing nicely, but she’s unable to let go of the pain she carries so close to her heart. She doesn’t want to talk about it to anyone.

Not even handsome and charming Will MacGregor who tries to put

her at ease. What’s his story and why is he even at Peaceful Valley? Surely, he’s not a wounded vet. Tess struggles to reconcile the relationship she once had with God and her belief that He’s now ruined her life. How can she ever move forward? How can she ever find peace? Can Will help her place her burden in God’s hands? Or will she refuse to let it go?

The Soldier's Harvest_edited.jpg
The Soldier's Harvest - Peaceful Valley Wounded Soldiers Short Story 5

Lydia Baker arrives at Peaceful Valley Rehab Center ready to surprise her sister, Joy, but her plan goes awry when Matt Stuart ruins the surprise. The two get off to a rocky start, but when the truth comes out as to why Lydia has really come to town, Matt offers his assistance. Lydia realizes the handsome veteran has talents that may come in handy, and it might be a good idea to take him up on his offer. Matt, a wounded war veteran, has his own personal battles to fight, and not letting this gorgeous woman too close is one of them.


The Secretary, Book One

Julie Turner, secretary at Atomic City in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, isn’t prepared for what follows when she runs headfirst into US Army Maj. Eric Harmon. Literally. Determined not to let this man get too close, she goes about her job and keeps her nose in her own business.
That’s what everybody does at Oak Ridge: nobody asks questions. The war effort depends on secrecy, and as a patriot, Julie will do her part. However, the handsome major seems to always be around every corner. With no idea what he’s doing at Oak Ridge, and the inability to ask, Julie soon realizes Major Harmon has interest in more than just his job.With a broken heart from the past, she’s resolved to shore up her heart, but will it be enough to keep her from getting hurt again?

Nurse Book 2.jpg
The Nurse, Book Two

When her boss leaves unexpectedly for Washington, D.C., nurse Dottie Page is forced to work with his handsome replacement, Dr. Jake Alderman, who makes her heart beat a little faster. Dottie was taught from day one in nursing school that a relationship with a doctor was strictly taboo. When he casts his gorgeous grays gaze in her direction, it only makes it that much harder to ignore him. When a rash of patients show up with symptoms they’ve never seen before, they have no idea how to treat them. Then when one dies the day they discover the culprit, they find it’s too little too late. Can they still help the others? Or is it too late for them too?

The Chemist, Book Three

Judy Norton, the newest chemist at Atomic City, would prefer to blend in with the furniture and remain as unobtrusive as possible, but her supervisor has other ideas in mind. She’d managed to work solo until he sends her office mate, the handsome Ray Collins, also a chemist, to work on a joint project. With painful memories and a dislike of men, can Judy work with this smiling man with kind eyes? Is he as genuine as he seems? Or will he turn on her like all the rest?

Judy Noland is the most beautiful woman Ray Collins has ever seen, but

she won’t talk to him. It didn’t matter. If she ever found out the truth about him, she probably wouldn’t want to be around him. His past would likely come back to haunt him. What did matter was ensuring Judy Noland accomplished the chemical formulas she was hired to solve. The general wants them implemented soon. Nor did it matter that Ray’s heart raced every time Judy lifted her gorgeous chocolate gaze to his. Just accomplish the task. Right?

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